ECC Recommendation (09)01

Scope of recommendation
Use of the 57 - 64 GHz Band for P-to-P Fixed Wireless Systems

Annex Frequency Bands FDD and/or TDD P-P and/or P-MP Power limit restrictions Notes
1 (based on 50 MHz slots used either for TDD or FDD arrangements on national basis) 57000 MHz - 64000 MHz FDD or TDD P-P Maximum EIRP +55 dBm; Minimum antenna gain +30 dBi; Maximum transmitter output power +10 dBm An additional limit on the transmit output power density (-10dBm/MHz) in the 59 - 64 GHz can be implemented to support the deployment of wideband systems (i.e. bandwidth higher than 100 MHz) by consequently limiting the maximum transmitter output power for narrow band systems (i.e. bandwidth lower than 100 MHz) below that of the maximum (+10dBm) allowed in the 59 - 64 GHz band. This limit will not apply if administrations wish to implement narrowband systems in the band.

Additional Information