Scope of annex
This annex covers frequency bands and regulatory as well as informative parameters recommended for Active Medical Implants and their associated peripherals.

Frequency Band Power / Magnetic Field Spectrum access and mitigation requirements Modulation / maximum occupied bandwidth ECC/ERC Deliverable Notes
a 9kHz  -  315kHz
30 dBµA/m at 10m ≤ 10% duty cycle Not specified The application is for Ultra Low Power Active Medical Implant systems using inductive loop techniques for telemetry purposes
b 30MHz  -  37.5MHz
1 mW e.r.p. ≤ 10% duty cycle Not specified The application is for Ultra Low Power medical membrane implants for blood pressure measurements.
c 2483.5MHz  -  2500MHz
10 dBm e.i.r.p. LBT+AFA and ≤ 10% duty cycle. The equipment shall implement a spectrum access mechanism as described in the applicable harmonised standard or an equivalent spectrum access mechanism 1 MHz For Low Power Active Medical Implants and associated peripherals, covered by the applicable harmonised standard. Individual transmitters may combine adjacent channels on a dynamic basis for increased bandwidth higher than 1 MHz. Peripheral units are for indoor use only. The frequency band is also identified in Annex 2

Additional Information

Harmonised Standards
EN 302 195 Sub-band a) EN 302 510 Sub-band b) EN 301 559 Sub-band c)

Technical parameters also referred to in the harmonised standard
No information

Frequency issues