Scope of annex
This annex covers frequency bands and regulatory as well as informative parameters recommended for applications specifically intended for use on railways. The sub-bands below are intended for the following applications: Band a) Balise up-link (ground to train) systems including Eurobalise; Band b) Loop up-link (ground to train) systems including Euroloop; Band c) Balise tele-powering and down-link (train to ground) systems including Eurobalise and activation of the Loop / Euroloop; Band d) Obstruction/Vehicle detection via radar sensor at railway level crossings.

Frequency Band Power / Magnetic Field Spectrum access and mitigation requirements Modulation /occupied bandwidth ECC/ERC Deliverable Notes
a 984kHz  -  7484kHz
9 dBµA/m at 10 m ≤ 1% duty cycle Not specified Transmitting only on receipt of a Balise/Eurobalise tele-powering signal from a train. Note: Centre frequency is 4234 kHz
b 7300kHz  -  23000kHz
-7 dBµA/m at 10 m No requirement Not specified Maximum field strength specified in a bandwidth of 10 kHz, spatially averaged over any 200 m length of the loop. Transmitting only in presence of trains. Spread Spectrum Signal, Code Length: 472 Chips. Note: Centre frequency is 13.547 MHz
c 27090kHz  -  27100kHz
42 dBµA/m at 10 m No requirement Not specified Tele-powering and Down-link signal for Balise/Eurobalise. May also be optionally used for the activation of the Loop/Euroloop. Note: Centre frequency is 27.095 MHz
d 76GHz  -  77GHz
55 dBm peak e.i.r.p. No requirement Not specified Obstruction/Vehicle detection via radar Sensor at railway level crossings. 50 dBm average power or 23.5 dBm average power for pulse radar. The frequency band is also included in Annex 5

Additional Information

Harmonised Standards
EN 302 608 sub-bands a) and c) EN 302 609 sub-band b) EN 301 091 sub-band d)

Technical parameters also referred to in the harmonised standard
Spectrum masks for Eurobalise and Euroloop are defined in ETSI standards EN 302 608 and EN 302 609, in accordance with the elements given in ECC Report 98.

Frequency issues
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