ERC Recommendation (01)02

Scope of recommendation
Preferred Channel Arrangements in the frequency band 31.8 - 33.4 GHz

Annex Frequency Bands FDD and/or TDD P-P and/or P-MP Notes
Annex 1 FDD 31800 MHz - 32600 MHz and 32600 MHz - 33400 MHz FDD P-P and/or P-MP, FWA or infrastructure
Annex 2 FDD 31800 MHz - 32600 MHz and 32600 MHz - 33400 MHz FDD P-P and / or P-MP, FWA or infrastructure

Note 1 This recommendation it is not aimed to give any preference with regard to what kind of technologies (e.g. FDD or TDD) or applications (e.g. fixed wireless access (FWA) or infrastructure) to be accommodated in this band
Note 2 This ERC Recommendation does not provide any guidance on frequency assignment issues (e.g. block assignment, measures to ensure inter-operator-compatibility, symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic etc.)
Note 3 In the case of deployment of point to multipoint systems with frequency duplex division (FDD) the upper subband should be used for the transmission from the terminals to the central station and the lower for the transmission from the central station to the terminals
Note 4 When an interleaved channel arrangement is used, the values of the centre frequencies of these radio-frequency channels should be below those of the corresponding channel frequencies (as detailed in the Annex 1) by a value of half the channel spacing
Note 5 To assist cross-border co-ordination, administrations may refer to the channel identifiers described in ANNEX 2.
Note 6 Two adjacent 112 MHz channels can be merged to create one 224 MHz channel with its centre frequency between the merged channels. The numbering is just for identification of the channelling and wo consecutive channel numbers cannot be used on the same physical link due to channels overlap (see Annex 2).

Additional Information