ECC Recommendation (14)01

Scope of recommendation
Radio Frequency Channel Arrangements for Fixed Service Systems Operating in the Band 92-95 GHz

Annex Frequency Bands FDD and/or TDD P-P and/or P-MP Notes
A (TDD) 92000 MHz - 95000 MHz TDD P-P Channel with n=20 and 21 of the 100 MHz arrangement and N=40 and 41 of the 50 MHz arrangement are not to be used.
B (FDD) 92000 MHz - 93500 MHz and 93500 MHz - 95000 MHz FDD P-P Channel with n=5’ and 6’ of the 100 MHz arrangement and n=10’ and 11’ of the 50 MHz arrangement are not to be used. Unpaired frequency band 92.45-92.65 GHz of the 100 MHz arrangements and 92.5-92.6 GHz of the 50 MHz arrangement, can be used for TDD. Channel arrangements with carrier spacing of 200,300,...,MHz are possible by channel concatenation.

Note 1 ITU-R Resolution 750 (Rev. WRC-12) provides relevant Recommended maximum level of unwanted emission from FS in the band 92-94 GHz to ensure protection of EESS (passive) in the 86-92 GHz band based on the results of technical studies given in ITU-R Report F. 2239. The band 94-94.1 GHz is not allocated to the fixed service in the Radio Regulations.

Additional Information