ECC Recommendation (06)04

Scope of recommendation
Use of the Band 5725-5875 MHz for Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA)

Annex Frequency Bands FDD and/or TDD P-P and/or P-MP Power limit restrictions Notes
1 5725 MHz - 5875 MHz FDD and/or TDD P-P, P-MP, Mesh or Any Point to Multi-Point (AP-MP) 36 dBm / 23 dBm/MHz (for P-P and P-MP), 33 dBm / 20 dBm/MHz for Mesh and AP-MP TPC to be employed. The TPC has a range of 12 dB with respect to the maximum permitted radiated output power of the station, to provide on average a mitigation factor of approximately 5 dB on the aggregate interference effect into the Fixed-Satellite Service (Earth-to-space)

Additional Information